2017: EAEA Year of Adult Education in Europe

“For the motivation and encouragement of adults “

In our event, Balearic Islands’ day, organised by the Directorate General of Vocational Training and Teacher Training, we commemorated the Balearic Islands’ Day putting together a promotional stand to promote Lifelong Learning among visitors and the public in general. From the 25th February to the 1st March, Continuous Traning professionals gave information and pieces of advice to anyone who visited the stand and was interested in improving or learning in their adult life.

We aimed at providing information to the adult Balearic Islands’ residents regarding job and study opportunities.

We managed to spread the word in our community, explaining the characteristics of a Lifelong learning centre, the nature of educational training and how adult learners could combine their studies with job opportunities.

In the future, we are planning to elaborate a Strategic Plan based on a conference  entitled “Strategic plan for the improvement of adult educational schools in the Balearic Islands” where the main purpose was to discuss the current Lifelong learning education and its future prospects.

Our message: “Continue to give support to the Public Administration and other adult educational promoters to motivate the adult population to improve their work situation, and to encourage them to find joy in learning.”

Marta Tomás Rubio / Directorate General of Vocational Training and Teacher Training