In 2017 the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and its members celebrate the Year of Adult Education in Europe. The Year of Adult education is initiated by the EAEA, to make the power and joy of learning visible.

We bring together European adult education organisations to demonstrate how adult learning can improve citizens’ lives and prospects in Europe, both on a personal and on a professional level. We invite all the adult education organisations in Europe to join the campaign to highlight the power and joy of learning.

How do we do it?

EAEA is collecting events and campaigns organised by adult education organisations across Europe under the campaign ”2017: The Year of Adult Education in Europe – The Power and Joy of Learning”.

The events will be published on this website and promoted in EAEA’s communications channels.

We collect the event organisers’ key messages and best practices after the event, share them and bring them to policy-makers.

We finalise the year with a celebration in Brussels in December 2017.

Why join?

Joint cooperation
The campaign brings together adult education organisations from around Europe to join forces in making adult education activities visible. By combining the different activities under one campaign, we will make our voice heard more strongly. The campaign offers the participants a chance to also share practices with other European adult educators.

Visibility on a European level
All the events joining the campaign will get promotion on EAEA’s communications channels. EAEA has a network of over 140 adult education organisations and the organisation is recognised among the policy-makers on the European level.

Messages to policy-makers
The participants get the chance to share the key messages of their activities that are included in the campaign. We will collect the messages and bring them to European policy-makers at the final event of the year that will be held in Brussels in December.

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